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shinpai_nothing's Journal

Vivid Yaruki Lyric Translation
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Japanese lyric translations

★Welcome to our grand procrastination project! As a way to put off studying for our JLPT exams while still "studying Japanese," we decided to start up a lyric translation community to post, well...lyrics! So that all you fine folks can read them. The JLPT ended (we finally passed!), but we'll still be translating for your pleasure!

★A word of caution: We do NOT claim to be fluent in Japanese, nor do we claim that our translations will be 100% correct. We give it our best, and, well... I'd like to think they're pretty accurate.

★Please don't take any of these translations without credit or permission. Our translations may not be very good, but we've put a lot of hours doing them (instead of studying). A lot of these songs were translated right out of the CD booklet, and it's tough to squint at small font kanji with 100 strokes (exaggerated).

★We tagged everything according to artist. The tags and song titles have been romanized for people who can't read Japanese characters.

☆Your mods:
eviltoconut Studied abroad for a year at Waseda University, received a B.A. in Journalism, and is now a grad student doing Japanese studies.
xbrknpiecesxx Also studied abroad for a year at Waseda University and got her B.A. in Japanese.
evil_dreamerz Studied abroad for a year at Aoyama Gakuin in Tokyo and recently graduated with a B.A. in Japanese. She now works in the law firm with xbrknpiecesxx.

★Requests will be accepted, but be prepared to provide us with the kanji lyrics if we ask for them! We have access to most lyrics of our favorite bands, but if your request is something we are unfamiliar with, we will ask you to do the searching for us before we will accept the translation. To make a request, please look here

★A list of our completed translations can be found here

★Other translators are welcome to post their work as well, but please consult with one of the moderators beforehand.

eviltoconut has a lyric translation blog with everything she has translated so far. please check here: Vivid Yaruki
xbrknpiecesxx has started working with alittlepixie on her San-X translation site. Quirky has English translations of San-X characters, as well as footnotes on cultural references.

parasitic_root Our Sel'm community for blog / article translations
monster_barker Lynch blog translations
uchuusentai_jin 宇宙戦隊NOIZ fan community
xxhero_ismxx A HERO fan community
dramafree_jrock A community to enjoy your jrock drama-free

Message one of the moderators to be added as an affiliate!

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